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Baffle Ceiling

Viswam has specialized in Baffle Ceiling since its inception.It is natural that the company offers Baffle Ceiling as one product.Solve your bathroom humidity or mold problems with the Viswam Products Baffle Ceiling, helping you save on average 25% on your cooling costs!

Baffle ceiling is one of the important element in steel building .As an expert in this filed we are proud to manufacture and supply quality products better than our competitors. Our baffle ceiling with lifetime warranty is the best choice for steel building project. With the high performance and long life, its unique properties make it the most popular product for metal roofing projects in many countries worldwide.Our product range includes a wide range of baffles ceilings.

Baffles Ceilings

We have gained a remarkable position in the market that is involved in offering Baffles Ceilings.


Baffle ceilings are ideal for creating atmosphere within a room space. These open ceiling constructions allow a view to the plenum area and concrete ceiling above. They are particularly suited for remedial installation on concrete ceilings where a distinctive design or improvement to the acoustic sound is required. A sound baffle is a construction or device that reduces the strength (level) of airborne sound. Sound baffles are ideal for mitigating noise pollution and reverberating sound. Baffles can be used to improve the acoustics of concert halls, theatres, conference rooms and other spaces where sound quality is important.


A variety of Baffle ceiling designs are available - The openness of the ceiling depends on the choice of baffle size. Different Baffle arrangements have a greater impact on the acoustics, an important consideration where sound reduction is a requirement.

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